BMW E39 E46 E85 E86 Z4 Park Assist Distance PDC Park Sensors Module  66216900270
BMW E39 E46 E85 E86 Z4 Park Assist Distance PDC Park Sensors Module  66216900270
BMW E39 E46 E85 E86 Z4 Park Assist Distance PDC Park Sensors Module  66216900270

BMW E39 E46 E85 E86 Z4 Park Assist Distance PDC Park Sensors Module 66216900270

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This Active Park Distance Control Module came from a 1999 328ci with 199k that was well optioned.

Sensor worked and alarm sounded when we walked around the rear of the vehicle while testing.

Please be certain you have properly diagnosed the issue before purchasing this item.

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Control unit, active PDC

01/28/2000 (ENDED)
0.124 kg

Superseded by:

(09/01/1999 — 05/16/2001), Exchangeable retrospectively
(01/01/2001 — 06/03/2002), Exchangeable retrospectively
(03/01/2002 — 07/22/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively
(05/17/2004 — 11/10/2005), Exchangeable retrospectively
(05/12/2005 — 01/16/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively
(09/13/2005 — 04/11/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively
(11/14/2005 — 06/13/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively
(03/06/2006 — 10/26/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively
(05/01/2006 — 05/08/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively


(05/29/1998 — 10/19/1998), Exchangeable retrospectively
(11/01/1996 — 07/15/1998), nonexchangeable retrospectively
(01/29/1998 — ), Exchangeable retrospectively
(09/01/1995 — 05/11/1998)
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